Home Appliances Reviews is an initiative that aims at providing unbiased and in-depth Home Appliances Reviews to the Indian customers.

Because of the increasing advancement in the technology we rely more on the internet to make our final buying decisions. However, the problem arises when we search for the related information online and come across various websites. Most of these websites are writing biased reviews and are also promoting incorrect information about products so that they can earn hefty commissions. I don’t see any problem with earning commissions for providing valuable information but the truth is only 4% of the information available online is correct and updated. Even some of the no.1 ranking websites on the google search are writing biased reviews.

I have researched many articles, buyer’s guide and product review websites on the internet. I was shocked to find out that more than 96% of websites are promoting incorrect or useless information for the products.

Therefore, I realized that there is a lot of room for improvement. My name is Ishan & Home Appliances Reviews is my initiative to utilize this opportunity and provide valuable, unbiased and in-depth product reviews to people in need. I have formulated my own system to review products and provide rightful information.

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